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MyNotepad is the cloud based notepad app. Made for everyone, accessible from everywhere.

Secure Cloud

MyNotepad uses only the latest, secure technologies to help keep your information safe and always at your fingertips.

One solution, every device

MyNotepad can be accessed from any internet enabled device, no installation or setup required.

Full of features

MyNotepad is packed with features, whether you need to create notes, store contacts, upload files, or manage lists.

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Packed with features

MyNotepad has features for everyone.


Create notes, lists, or scribbles wherever you are.


Keep the contact & address information you need, constantly at your fingertips.


Upload and view documents, photos, videos, and more wherever you are.
With 15MB of free storage


The easy way to create & manage your lists. Easily check things off as you complete your lists.

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